SeaExplorer’s navigation and communication performances successfully tested

19 Dec 2011
SeaExplorer navigation and communication performances successfully tested

ACSA is proud to announce that final trials have been conducted last 2011 quarter during which communication links and piloting were successfully tested demonstrating outstanding performances in freezing environment (-2°C) in Swiss fresh water lake and in rough conditions at sea.

Main characteristics of SeaExplorer are: wingless concept (no wing means no break, nor entanglement with plastic debris, seaweed, fishing nets…) speed double as others vehicles, large interchangeable payloads, dedicated nose cone including 4 puck ports and extraordinary maneuverability.

The SeaExplorer design has deliberately been green technology oriented. Power is only by rechargeable batteries. Besides the impact of polluting primary batteries, the Li-Ion solution makes the glider, first, safer avoiding vehicle opening and, second, more cost-effective at each mission, eliminating cells exchange and re-balancing operations.