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Surface Positioning Devices

Surface Positioning UnitSurface Positioning Unit

Surface Positioning Unit (SPU)

The Surface Positioning Unit (SPU) subsystem provides a position reference for a surface ship in the area of the support ship (at radio range of up to 5 km). GPS positioning data is sent by radio to the support ship where data is displayed on a laptop running AQUATIC or FleetManager software.

It performs the following tasks:

  • GPS positioning of the surface ship;
  • transmission of GPS data to the support ship via the radio network.

RIB Guidance Unit (RGU) option

This SPU option offers the possibility for the support ship to send guidance commands (Range & bearing) to the remote RIB or small ship. A display unit onboard the RIB, shows the guidance commands. 

Surface Positioning Unit – Compass (SPU-C)

The Surface Positioning Unit-Compass (SPU-C) equipment is used for positioning a surface vessel in the area of the support ship (at radio range: 5 km). It includes a GPS compass module to measure the GPS position and the heading, pitch and roll of the ship. This data is sent via the radio network to the support ship where it is  displayed on AQUATIC or FleetManager software. The SPU-C offers an accuracy of 0.5° on heading. SPU-C data display is also available on SPU-C, enabling the surface vessel to display its own position and heading.