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underwater trackingunderwater supervisionUnderwater tracking and supervision

GIB-Plus: high accuracy, underwater tracking system

GIB-Plus is the reference system for underwater tracking and supervision. GIB-Plus offers the capability to track multiple targets over very large area (typically 2 x 2 nautical miles).  Tracking capabilities can be enhanced by integrating a Surface Positioning Unit (SPU) to provide the supervisor with the ability to monitor an auxiliary ship.

Key features

  • Fast installation on board non dedicated ships,
  • Easy to deploy & recover, no calibration,
  • Real-time multi-mobiles capabilities,
  • 1-metre accuracy in 3D,
  • Accurate time stamping of positions and payload data,
  • High repetition rate and real-time Quality Control.
  • Fully configurable
  • Data storage for post processing (replay & recalculation)