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GIB-FT: Shelter-flatGIB-FT buoy ready for deployment at seaGIB-FT buoy being deployedGIB-FT buoy activeGIB-FT: Target launchGIB-FT in North SeaGIB-FT: Torpedo tracking systemGIB-FT: Torpedo tracking systemGIB-FT MMIGIB-FT: Torpedo tracking on MMIGIB-FT: Torpedo path

GIB-FT: Torpedo tracking system

This system allows full management of Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) exercises, covering surface and air layers, and tracking multiple fast underwater vehicles such as torpedoes.

GIB-FT is the reference in portable torpedo tracking range systems. Deployable worldwide in less than half a day, it is fully configurable to fit your mission requirements.

The GIB-FT range is available with 2 different buoy designs:

  • long radio range (15 km) – 60 kg, 6 m height;
  • standard radio range (5 km) – 30 kg, 2,5 m height.

Key features

  • Portable system, easy deployment and recovery
  • D-GPS based tracking system
  • Real time tracking of 4 underwater vehicles
  • Real time monitoring & guidance of 4 surface/air units
  • Tracking area: up to 10 km x 10 km
  • Shallow to deep water (600 m)
  • Fast installation
  • No calibration
  • Real-time Quality Control
  • Fully configurable
  • Data storage for post processing (replay & recalculation)
  • Low acquisition and maintenance cost


  • Real-time simultaneous tracking covering underwater, surface and air layers (torpedoes, targets, submarines, ships, helicopters…)
  • Torpedo development testing
  • Torpedoes Sea Acceptance Tests and commissioning
  • Weapon readiness evaluation
  • ASW Forces training exercise's supervision
  • Assistance in torpedo Search and Recovery operations